About BMOA

The Black Media Owners Association or “BMOA” is a South African voluntary organization made to organize, unite and represent the collective force of the press and media power of black people in South Africa (also referred to as Africans).

The need for the Black Media Owners Association comes from a group of motivated media owners that organized themselves to create an organization that serves their collective interests as black people in South Africa. Another important reason is the lack of representation and recognition of black-owned media, which has resulted in minimal support for the sector and its development.

BMOA Founding Members

Governance Structures

The association is governed by a Board of Directors, which is composed of founding members and other elected members.

The Board is mainly responsible for setting the strategic direction of the association and making decisions on behalf of its members.

The day-to-day operations and association activities are implemented by the management team led by the Executive Director and supporting staff members.

The entity is non-profit in nature and is led by an elected Board of Members who work together with the executive management in carrying out the activities of the association.