BMOA Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

To empower and uplift black media owners in South Africa, the Black Media Owners Association envisions a future where the media landscape is inclusive, diverse, and reflective of the rich narratives and experiences of black communities. We strive to dismantle systemic barriers, challenge market monopolies, and create a more just and equitable society through the power of media.

Mission Statement

The Black Media Owners Association is dedicated to advancing the interests of black-owned media companies in South Africa. Our mission is to foster a vibrant ecosystem where black media owners can thrive, collaborate, and amplify the voices and stories of black communities. We provide advocacy, networking, resources, and professional development opportunities to empower our members, challenge industry norms, and drive positive change in the media landscape. Through unity and collective action, we aim to reshape narratives, raise the dignity of our people, and reshape the future of media in South Africa and beyond.